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Routes to Weed (O46)

Weed airport is 7.5 miles from the convention site. 

Weed is located in the southeast of the Shasta Valley in Siskiyou County on the northwest flank of Mount Shasta.   Mount Shasta is a 14,179 feet volcano that dominates the surrounding mountains.  The mountain has a profound affect on the local weather.  The Shasta valley (2500-3000 feet) is surrounded by mountains range from 7000-9000 feet.  If you are unfamiliar with the area some suggested routes are listed below.   In this GPS-Foreflight era this is a good chance to practice pilotage skills as there are many good landmarks in the area (Mount Shasta at 14,000+'!).   Be cautious of winds and turbulence as you enter the Shasta Valley.   As you fly over the Shasta Valley you will seen many low hills.   These are remnants of a debris flow off Mount Shasta. 

From the North From Medford travel IFR (I Follow Roads) along I-5 over Siskiyou Pass (4500') in to the Shasta Valley.   A direct route to Black Butte Summit (to the west of the big mountain) will take you directly to Weed (down I-5).
From the North East A route through Burns (fuel) to Klamath Falls will put you on course to enter the Shasta Valley from the NE.   Weed is located on the far side (SW) side of the valley.
From the South East Cross the mountains at Donner Summit (Tahoe) or north at Portola (Beckworth or Chester have fuel).   Head toward Lassen Peak (10,000') then follow the valley north as below. 
From the South Straight up the Valley to Red Bluff (fuel).   Follow I-5 over Black Butte Summit (4000') which is to the west of Black Butte (the black cinder cone).   Descend quickly into the Shasta Valley as Weed is close to the Black Butte summit.   Expect some turbulence as you come up the Sacramento canyon and cross the pass.    You will have a nice view of Castle Crags (west) as you approach Black Butte cinder cone.

Near By Airports

Airport ID Ground distance from convention
Montague 1O5 27 miles
Siskiyou County KSIY 31 miles
Scott Valley A30 46 miles
Dunsmuir 1O6 14 miles
Ashland S03 65 miles
Medford KFMR 85 miles (rental cars)

Airway History

Weed is located on one of the historic airways (CAM #8).  Concrete arrows are still found in the area.

Redding to Roseburg Route

Arrow History


The Weed Airport is about 7 miles (statute) north of Weed and 7.5 miles from the College.  Weed airport has bathrooms, tiedowns ($2-$3/day) and self-service fuel (110 LL, Jet A), but not much more.   FBO: Eagle's Nest Aviation, 530-938-2650 Airport Manager: Scott Waite 530-842-8220

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Foreflight Tour FlightPlan  A recommended tour route to see the area from the air.