Map Sources

USGS Guide to topographic symbols

Forest Topo Maps (8 1/2 x 11" format)

These are great for map training.  Best to print on a color printer.  Scale to fit your paper.

California National Forests

Western (region 5) Forest Maps

These maps will not print well on 8.5"X11" paper common to home computers. Instead, it is suggested that you 'zoom in' on a section that interests you (Adobe Reader version 6 and above incorporate this zoom in feature) and print just the smaller section by selecting 'Current View' in your printer dialogue box. The map sections are large (7+ Mb each) and may take several minutes each to download. A high speed Internet connection is recommended.  

Order Forest maps including Wilderness Areas

1:24000 Topo maps (USFS areas) GSTC Clearinghouse These maps are in compressed format and must be uncompressed with WinZiip of similar program then TIF files can be printed.

National Park Maps

Online Maps

Google Maps -- Satellite, Terain, Maps, or create your own

Paradise Area Hikes