Plant ID

First Class Requirement 5a - Identify 10 native plants. 

The following plants can be found on a hike up the Butte Canal (Map) near De Sabla.  The trailhead is on Doe Mill Road. 

  1. Sugar Pine
  2. Ponderosa Pine
  3. Pacific Yew
  4. Incense Cedar
  5. Douglas Fir
  6. White Fir
  7. California Black Oak *
  8. Tanoak
  9. Big Leaf Maple *
  10. Interior Live Oak
  11. Sword Fern
  12. California Laurel (bay)
  13. Wild Ginger

* Deciduous (no leaves in the winter),

Plant ID (slide show with many common local plants)

Ponderosa Pine, Incense Cedar, and California Laurel are commonly found in Paradise.