Build your own "Kit"

Every hiker and backpacker should have a "kit" of those essential things needed for most every trip.  I always keep in mind the motto "Be Prepared".  Keeping these things together in one bag is convenient since  the "kit" can be easily transferred from a day pack to a backpack.   This is a minimal set of gear, but if every person has a similar kit then the group has redundancy.  For example if a hiker is getting bad blisters then everybody has some Mole Skin to donate.   Listed below are the items I keep in my kit.
  • Small flashlight
  • Small first aid kit
  • Pocket knife
  • Sun cream
  • Bug repellent
  • Lip cream
  • Toilet paper
  • Compass
  • Notebook
  • Pencil
  • Butane lighter
  • Water tablets
  • Mole skin
  • ID card
  • Medication
  • Accessory cord
  • Watch

Kits are stored in a small bag.  Sample "Kit" bags.
Small Flashlight
A double or triple A LED light that is bright enough to walk by.  A small headlamp is OK too.  Useful in camp and good to have hiking if you are unexpectedly hiking at night.
Small First Aid Kit
The basics only, perhaps stocked with a few extra band-aids.  This can be a store bought kit or just some supplies put into a heavy baggie.  Typical contents are shown below.
Pocket knife
Better kept in the kit so it will not be lost from a pocket.  Best choices have two blades and an awl (useful for repair).
Sun Cream
Use a small accessory bottle and SPF 30+ cream
Bug Repellent
Use a concentrated brand in a small bottle
Lip Cream
A cream is better than a stick.  Better yet choose a brand with SPF 15.
Place a couple of dozen squares for emergencies.  I pack in a baggie with a pack of book matches (to burn the TP and as backup fire starter).
Best choice will have an adjustment for declination, a square body with a scale. Sighting compasses are easier to use for navigation.
A small 3"x5" notebook is useful for making notes and leaving a notes for fellow scouts.
Pens are OK too, but pencils are waterproof.  A small mechanical pencil works well.
Butane lighter
Get the clear kind so you can see the liquid level.  Light and unlike matches it works when damp.
Water tablets
A small bottle of water purification tables can be useful if you need pure water and don't have a pump.
Mole Skin
Every hiker can have foot problems a package of mole skin can save the day.  By the brand name it seems to stick better.
ID Card
Useful to have something to ID the owner in case of emergency.  I use an old Driver's License (plastic).  Should have Name, Address, Phone.
Always include an required medications you may need.
Accessory Cord
20' of 1/8" accessory cord is useful for many thing such as repair of a pack, shoe lace, rigging a shelter.
I use an old watch with a broken band.  I want some method of keeping time if I need to meet someone or note the time of an event.  I usually don't wear a watch.....   
 3-oz. Round Bottle -
Adventure Medical Ultralight .3 First Aid Kit -
Silva Guide 426 Graphite Compass -

Various "Kit" bags

Kit 1Kit 2


Kit 3Kit 4

Sample Kit Contents

Kit Contents

First Aid Kit Sample Contents

4 - 3 x 3 sterile dressings
4 - 2 x 2 sterile dressings
1 - 3 x 4 sterile dressing
1 - conforming gauze bandage
4 - 1 x 3 adhesive bandage
1 - 1/2 x 10 yard roll of tape
3 - antiseptic towelettes
1 tube - antibiotic ointment
1 - tincture of Benzoin
2 - butterfly closure bandages

4 - Ibuprofen
2 - Benadryl

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