Food Ideas

When looking for food you want to consider the following:

The following are some examples of foods you can purchase at a supermarket.

Packaged Pasta | Meat | Sauces | Trail Mix | Dried Fruit | Pilot Biscuits | Cheese
Rice | Potatoes  | Stuffing Mix  | Noodles  | Desserts | Seasoning | Bacon Bits

Packaged Pasta:   The are many pasta dinner mixes available, but be sure to check the cooking time.   Generally 7 minutes or less is OK. 


Meat:  Freeze dried chicken, turkey, and beef are available.   Foil packaged salmon or tuna works too, but is not as light.  Packed in oil has more calories.  Foil packed chicken is also available.   

Stuffing Mix:   Makes a good base for a meal.   Just add hot water.  No cooking.

Seasoning:   Add extra flavor.   Butter seasonings can replace butter in a recipe. 

Sauces:  Sauce and gravy mixes work well with noodles, rice, or potatoes for a dinner.   Vary the sauce and you have a different meal!

Desserts: No cook (add cold milk) work well.  Instant pudding or cakes below.  Mix in the crust or use as a topping.  Bring powered milk. If the recipe calls for 2 cups of milk then bring powder for 2 Cups of milk and note the amount of cold water needed to make 2 C of liquid milk.


Trail Mix:  Purchase pre-mixed or build your own.   Caution don't use foods that melt...  Package in daily sizes.


Dried Fruit:   Good food for snacks or with breakfast and helps offset constipation. For example raisins, prunes, dates.

Pilot Biscuits:  Tough cracker goes well with PB or similar spread.

Instant Rice:  Very little cooking required.  Makes a good base for a dinner.


Bacon Bits:  Buy real bacon (more calories or make your own).  Good for favorings

Potatoes:  Packaged or in bulk they require almost no cooking.   Flavored packages are good.

Noodles:  Choose only noodles with short cooking times.   Thai noodles are soaked in hot water. 

Cheese:   Grated cheese can be added to many dishes and will keep well.  Mix in ahead of time. 

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