Online Activities for the Aviation MB

Chart Reading

  1. Review the basics of the Sectional Chart at:  Read Pages 11-19  Explanation of VFR Terms  and Symbols
  2. Use the site:
  3. Watch the video at: to learn how to use the site. 
  4. Plan a flight from Paradise (CA92) to Bishop, CA (BIH)  via  Yerington, NV (O43). 

  5. Click on the Nav Log and print the PDF.
  6. Review the route of flight carefully on the chart.  
  7. Review the information on the chart for the the Bishop Airport.
  8. You should be able to answer the following:
    1. How long is the flight in nautical miles and time?
    2. What are the two magnetic headings (direction of flight) you need to follow?
    3. What is the highest point on the route?
    4. How long is the longest runway at Bishop?
    5. How high (altitude) is the Bishop airport?
    6. What is the CTAF (common traffic advisory frequency) at Bishop.   You would use this frequency for radio communications with other pilots.

Airport Facilities

Use the Airport Facilities Directory to find information about an airport.

  1. Go to the site:
  2. Enter BIH (Bishop) into the airport identifier box and search.  
  3. Select  the link under Airport/Navaid Listing.
  4. Review the PDF.
  5. Answer the following:
    1. How many runways are at Bishop?
    2. How wide and long are each runway?


Review the pre-flight checklist for the Cessna 172.   We use checklists to insure that we don't forget anything.

Watch the video at: This video is for Cessna 150 which is very similar to the Cessna 172,  

Can you follow along?

What is the "tail" number of this aircraft?

Aerodynamics of Flight

Review the video:

Can you name and describe the four forces that act on an aircraft?